The Naturfrisk Group is all about nature, the environment and people. All our beverages are organic and our restaurant has an Organic Gold Label. So, why is all our brewing and production organic? The answer is quite simple. We believe that, for the sake of our children and their descendants, we are compelled to think and act organically if we are to retain nature’s balance.

Our overriding incentive lies in our conviction that everything we put in our mouths should be top quality. There should be no traces of pesticides or other chemicals, and the products should be made as naturally as possible. We refuse to use ingredients that may have been grown at the expense of clean lakes, streams and gardens, clean drinking water, biodiversity in our nature and human well-being.

What we want is the very best quality. We brew and produce our beverages on the basis of the conviction that only the best ingredients produce the best taste – and that those ingredients are organic. Our products are continuously inspected by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and foreign supervisory bodies. The ingredients we use include barley, spelt, hops, fruit and juice. By making all our products organically, we ensure that we use only ingredients that have been cultivated in harmony with nature, with no use of chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers, GMOs, etc.

If you would like to find out more about organic farming and production, visit the website of the Økologisk Landsforening: Link to Ø


In harmony with nature and the environment, we want to create indulgent beverages for people.


To be the leading supplier of organic beverages in Denmark.


  • Love of nature and people
  • Innovation and curiosity
  • A passion for great taste and quality