In the 1990s, when Nicolai Rømer asked his father Niels why there was no such thing as organic cola, Niels was struck by an idea. The hunt was on to find the perfect premises in which to produce their own organic fizzy drinks. They chose Ørbæk Brewery in East Funen, originally built back in 1906, but now shut down. In 1997, Niels and Nicolai launched production of what was probably one of the first organic fizzy drinks in the world. In the attic of the old brewery, Niels and Nicolai discovered an abundance of old labels for products that the previous owners had made. One of the products was called ‘Naturfrisk’. The name ‘Naturfrisk’ (English: ‘Naturally Fresh’) reflected many of the values Niels and Nicolai wished to incorporate into their company and inspired them to name their new company Naturfrisk. As well as organic fizzy drinks, the Naturfrisk brand features an extensive range of other categories of soft drink, including squash, juice, smoothies and shots. It goes without saying that all products are organic.